Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Every Thursday From Here On, You Can Find Me Here

Tomorrow night is the start of the weekend. Who are you fooling that people actually get work done on a Friday? No one. So when you bust out of the doors tomorrow at 5 PM head straight to the Lounge at Park Grill in Chicago for $5 Thursdays. You read that right, 5 bucks for a happy hour deal, and I am not just talking drinks. Food is also a single Lincoln. After work you are starving and anything from the mini PG Burgers to the Cornmeal Crusted Calamari will satisfy your cravings. How about Prince Edward Island Muscles for the same price. Culinary score! Of course you have your standard fair of beverages for the same price. Talk about sustainable, all the beers are locally sourced from Midwestern breweries such as Riverwest from Milwaukee to Metropolitan Flywheel from Chicago. They probably don't even put the later on a truck; it is just wheeled down the street and put on ice. There is wine and cocktails for you to choose from as well. I would choose between the Arnie or the Rummrunner because they both sound delightful. Enjoy your evening, have fun, stop when you know you will at least be presentable tomorrow at work. I did not say you needed to be functional.

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Anonymous said...

Next time I am in Chicago on a thursday night, I will be sure to hit up the park grill. I love that place and that deal is amazing. Thanks for sharing it!