Thursday, February 4, 2010

Now Open, Newest Bar In Town

You are having a party this weekend, a grown up party. So that means you will not be using crystal light as a mixer and solo cups to serve your beverages. You want a grown up bar, but have no idea where to start. The Boston Shaker is your new depot for all your home cocktailing needs. This new shop, located in Beantown, luckily has an online shop with everything to stock your bar like the one at Hudson Terrace. Check their stock list for hard to find mixers, garnishes, and gourmet mixology books. Now you can relax with a lavender spiked adult beverage at the end of a long day at work. They say the aromatic qualities of the lavender plant help you relax, so why not put it in a cup and sip on it. But you need the appropriate glass to pour it in. Do not fret, its just another tab on this site; there are the tools as well to make it correctly. At a loss for what exactly you want to serve at this weekend's party? Please check out the publication section with various literature on this subject. Do not go overboard, because by next weekend the word may get out that your place serves the best drinks and plays the best music.

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