Friday, February 5, 2010

Cultivating Brain Knowledge

Face it, you stopped thinking about 6 months ago. You are just so bored with life, work, and the economy. You have not found anything to spark that inquisitive section of the brain. What if there was a way to stir up that crazy section of your brain to move onto the path of use? If you answered yes, its time to sign up for some classes at The Brooklyn Brainery. The Brainery hosts collaborative, meaning its location to learn everything they forgot to add to the curicculum in college. For $25 and once a week, you can take the time and expand your cocktail party conversations. The current semester is already in session and look what we missed out on. I could have increased my vocab on all things visual with LK213: Looking at Things. Since I am in the market for a new perfume I am sure SCT133: Scents & Sensibility would help me understand what I want to buy next time at Sephora. Since I am a foodie in hiding I would also take Meat2366: Meat! so I can learn exactly what is on my plate the next time I chow down. Since the inaugural semester is coming to a close I first hope it was a success, and I eagerly am anticipating what is to come in the future. Tell them what you have been dying to learn, this is for you, not your transcript anymore. So figure out if you want to learn about the origins of your fruit or how music really effects our moods tell the people behind the brain.

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