Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Want This, Need That

Walking to work a couple of days ago a bus zoomed passed me with just a split second for me to notice the obnoxious advertisement plastered on the side. Then I took my judgement back when I noticed those Gap jeans. You know the ones I am talking about. The distressed skinnies with the perfect hole placement. Since I was already rushing to wherever I was going I couldn't make a pit stop at the Gap. So I waited a few too many days to fall back in. Then I get there and ask a salesperson for them. Before the words even leave my lips he replies "Sold Out." So with a little depression setting in I went about my daily business. On a recent trip to Florida, I went to my favorite Florida attraction, Target. After searching for the GO International clothing, I made my way through the other racks. There they were, in my size, jeans that rivaled the Gap's rendition. From the Converse line, these casual jeans, are my answer for my
new fall denim. Just like the Gap ones they are skinny throughout, and have holes
in the perfect places. It looks like you have worn these for years. An added bonus is the discoloration; some parts of the jeans are darker than others. As I write this post I am wearing these jeans. Today I chose a causal look with a t-shirt, leather flip flops, and my straw fedora. However I see these jeans incorporated into multiple outfits from day to night, from work to play. I have a strange suspicion people are going to think I have
one pair of pants this fall. Hurry fast to Target's website as these jeans are currently on sale for $30.

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