Monday, September 14, 2009

Market Share

If you know me, I have a thing for markets, farmer's markets, flea markets, street markets, every market but the stock market. My favorite part of living in London was Spitalfields Market, and continue to get compliments on my finds. In Washington, D.C. the Fenton Street Market has opened up shop to bring our patriots unique crafts and goods for you to pick up on your weekends. Located right outside the city in Downtown Silver Spring, MD, you can shop from a variety of 60 vendors. This bazaar will be open every weekend on Fenton St and Silver Spring Ave every weekend until October 3rd. Fill up on everything from Ajay Malghan's photography to Three Stone Steps eco friendly and fair trade imports. This market supports many ideals I hold dear to my heart, local wears, environmentally friendly, and support of the artist and small business. This weekend make sure to venture out to Silver Springs. Just remember this market is only open until 2 P.M. Bring your eco friendly totes, I feel you are going to end up with a lot to schlep beck to Dupont Circle.

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