Saturday, September 5, 2009

Margarita Madness

So you know I would do just about anything for a $3 margarita, but what would happen if they were only a buck? So this Sunday, September 6th in Los Angeles, The Mission Cantina is celebrating its one year anniversary with $1 margaritas and cervezas (beer for those speaking one language). What a perfect way to celebrate the long weekend is a day filled with the lime and salt goodness that is a fresh margarita. While you are there you may want to sustain your stamina by lining your stomach with some of their fresh delicious tacos or quesadillas. They are open late, but I would not wait. With no reservations, you know the deal conscious are going to be throwing back a few too many. So as Mission continues to celebrate in the years to come, lets home they keep the $1 drinks, but the years keep racking up. In ten years, I do not want my celebratory marg to cost ten Washingtons.

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