Sunday, September 20, 2009

50 Reasons to Wait Until 9PM

If a restaurant is still around after 50 years, they must be doing something right. Then the New York City mainstay, Brasserie must be doing something right. You would love to eat here on a regular basis, but when no appetizer is in the single digits you are going to save this place for a special occasion. When someone else pays. However, if you can wait until 9PM to eat dinner, Brasserie, has a 3-course meal for only $19.59; its in honor of the year they opened up shop in 1959. This is your chance to taste the classic french cuisine that has sustained this restaurant for so long. Until the end of the year, you can help celebrate Brasserie by enjoying the famous Burger, or french onion soup. Check out this special menu to see what would tickle your taste buds. So head to midtown, after 9PM and see why you could have eaten here when Don Draper was roaming the city. If you cannot wait that late to eat, grab a pretzel off the street before. Its just as New York as eating at the best restaurants in the world.

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