Friday, September 18, 2009

This Will Make You A Cookie Monster

So you are up to date on the latest restaurant trends, which means you have been on the Momufuku wait list for months. Then the big day came and you were stricken with the joyful 24 hour bug. Reluctantly giving up that coveted spot you still wanted to experience the creativity of this place. Well if you have a sweet tooth check out Momufuku's Milk Bar. This is where your dessert is turned into a inventive treat. Check out their menu, and see what these crazy chefs have come up with. You can get everything from coffee flavored milk (not coffee with milk) to an Arnold Palmer pie, just like your favorite refreshing summer drink. Well I have only had the cookies, and they are something to write home about (or a blog post). With only 4 options you would think you wanted to have more to choose from. My personal favorite, is the compost, which is basically, everything but the kitchen sink. With pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch, and chocolate chips, how could it be bad? At $1.85 these are not horrible for New York City prices, but if they happen to have some left overs, Milk Bar will sell them to you the next day for 85 cents. Where can you get anything in this city for under a dollar? At 85 cents you cannot get a chips ahoy for that price. So they maybe a day old but honestly can you even wait to eat it? Before you leave their doors you will be back at the counter for seconds.

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