Friday, October 23, 2009

Safety First, ALWAYS

So we spend a lot of time here at Living the Life On a Budget talking about getting your drink on. With spreading the news about the deals and steals out there, I assume you are making the right decisions at the end of the night. But sometimes we forget our senses and make stupid decisions. In NYC, its easy to stick out your arm and an army of yellow cabs will safely get you home, but in other cities this is not always an option. Amongst the crazy night life that is LA, you now have the option of Y Drive LA. In an effort to prevent DUIs and you waking up with your car parked in your garage, Y Drive LA makes the morning after a bit more pleasurable than in the past. For $38, comparable to 2 cab rides, one home and one to find your pimped out SUV the next morning, Y Drive, will transport you home in your own vehicle. Well how does the driver get back to where he started? Granted you don't have all the contents of your life in your trunk, a Y Drive LA driver stores his foldable scooter to later drive him back to help another night owl. Now program Adam's number in your phone (888) 401-DUI7. And this weekend if you even think you are a bit tipsy, give him a ring. The $38 you spend on Y Drive is a whole lot less than all those legal fees when L.A.P.D. pull you over.


Kristin said...

I hope people take advantage of this!

Stephanie said...

I agree, and hope so!