Monday, October 5, 2009

I Want Some Pie

Living abroad you get to taste a lot of new foods you learn to love, and other ones you can say you tried. You do not need to tell anyone you spit it out. Living in London, I indulged in a meat pie from time to time. The word meat pie does not exactly sound appetizing, but if you deconstruct what is inside, how can it really be that bad? Flaky crust, savory meat, smooth potatoes. That's a win win situation in my book, maybe not my hips. Just like the Brit's the Australians enjoy this treat from time to time, but being on the other side of the globe its hard to keep it fresh and hot on the flight back. So now you can enjoy Boomerang's Gourmet Veggie & Meat Pies in the comfort of your own home. In the Aussie tradition, these are made with the flakiest pastry and the most fresh ingredients with no artificial flavors or ingredients. To get these on your dinner table you can order a dozen pies for at home preparation. At $60 it may sound steep, but do the math. Its 5 bucks a pie and we all know what you can get for dinner at that price. So why not make it a treat and get some to change up your dinner routine. Having a dinner party and do not want to cook. Look like a hero and put a bunch of these in the oven. Your guests will not be able to get over the smell wafting through your place. Impress your guest with an Australian staple.

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