Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Pizza Battle Continues

So you both decided what you wanted for dinner. Pizza! You want a slice, he wants deep dish and you are nowhere near shielding your big apple from the blistering wind. You are in LALA land and just need the closest thing to satisfy that craving. Nestled in Santa Monica, you can give him what he wants without sacrificing what you need to get through the day at N.Y. & C. Pizzeria. There is no need to compromise at this joint. The menu sells slices for the true pizza connoisseur and deep dish for those who want to wave their Midwest pride. Like the place you are familiar with from back home its small and has no frills to get you in the door. The good food the kitchen keeps sending out keeps the pizza lovers coming back for more. So when noone can compromise on what they want for dinner head to N.Y. & C. because you do not have to be in the middle of that fight anymore. Everyone (aka your spoiled friend) can get what they really wanted.


Anonymous said...

the real question is which to choose when you go?

Anonymous said...

So tasty sounding