Saturday, October 10, 2009

Simple Treats

So as the days get a little colder, you think you should forget about fro yo and other frozen desserts that put smiles on your face. But as the mercury dips, you still can handle a little frozen delight at the end of the night. Are you making this a daily habit and your pocketbook and hips paying the price? Head over to your closest McDonald's and proudly order off the dollar menu. I know you are thinking, a trip to Mickey D's without gilt, that is like saying a zebra does not have stripes. Well little did you know that the Vanilla Reduced Fat Ice Cream Cone is one of those simple delights that will satisfy your sweet tooth. At its bare bones, it is just vanilla soft serve in a wafer cone. But sometimes simple is the best. What brings the value home is that in most places it is on the dollar menu and only puts a 150 calorie dent into your diet. If you are religious Biggest Loser fan like I, you know that a treat of those calories is not going to tip the scales in the wrong direction. So skip on the fancy chocolate souffle with your date, and take him to where you can get perfection for pennies.

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