Monday, October 19, 2009

Excuse Me, Over Here, Ms. Celebrity Please Pose for a Picture?

Its less than two weeks away, and you have the perfect costume. Of course you are going to hit the streets as Lady Gaga, you have your pantless outfit all picked out and you have been doing squats in preparation since Fall showed up. If you happen to be dressing up and getting down in Chi-town this Halloween, there are a whole host of parties for you to show off your celebrity alter-ego and potentially walk away with a little something, something. Take the elevator up to the 27th floor next Saturday night of The Wit, to try and win the $1,000 cash prize for best celebrity look-a-like. The 9th Annual Black i Ball Party at Roof starts at 9, and there is no cover. Just because you look like a celebrity, does not mean you can be as late. You need people to see that costume.
Or do you have a thing for dead celebs, everyone from Elvis Presley to Bob Ross? Then the party at LuxBar is more your speed. Dead Celebrity Halloween has no cover as well and begins at 10 PM. So you can hit up The Wit as well. There are tons of drink specials, and the ability to win a $500 Gibsons Gift card. So its time to get to work and figure out which celebutant dead or alive you can pull off the best. I want you guys to get mistaken for a stumbling Lilo or bumbling Kanye. I will see you in next week's US mag.

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