Saturday, December 19, 2009

Barky Bites

Some people have lists and lists of people to buy gifts for, where you only have one significant other. That significant other just happens to have four legs and he just happens to want something that can go in his mouth. If its a plush chew toy, your new Jimmy Choos, or a huge cheeseburger. Why don't you treat your pooch to something that will satisfy his little tummy. Also you will not be running to the cobbler to get your heels reattached to your shoe. Then it is time to order your Puppy Cake. Sounds funny, because it is. Head over to their site and order a box of cake mix. Yes you read that correctly, cake mix for your puppy. Just like those devilish treats you enjoy, you can whip up a batch of holiday treats. Your spoiled pooch deserves this treat for keeping you company, warm and safe. Is his birthday coming up and all the canines from the neighborhood coming to a party? These are the perfect party food for his friends. We all know that you consider him to be your flesh and blood, so feed him like one. No more food from a can.

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Anonymous said...

how cute for my dog