Thursday, December 24, 2009

Flatten Your Chances

Admit it we love our heels; the higher the better. But sometimes you need a break and with all the ice around a risk of a broken ankle is not worth it. The next best, fashionable option are a pair of ballet flats. Yosi Samra has some great option to fill that fashion void. Offering simple light weight flats you will wear these all over town. If you cannot part with your towering heels, these are perfect to slip into your purse as you change into your heels. Us city girls know you cannot walk twenty blocks in a 5 inch platform, without pain. This is where we have perfected the fashionable switch-a-roo. And now your new Yosi Samra flats take a supporting role. At $50 a pair, they are the perfect shoe to have as back up. They take up minimal room, feel like you are walking on a cloud, and prevent unsightly bunions (gross, but a consequence of heels for hours on end). So if I have not convinced you to walk a little closer to the ground, I give you permission to check out the other sections of the site, they do have some great heels.

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