Friday, December 11, 2009

So in life there are ridiculous things you just cannot help but buy. In the spirit of the impending New year, you are are going to pop some bubbly. Well why not brew your own batch. Check out Spike Your Juice, straight from Germany where you can do this in three simple steps. Sounds crazy and a wee bit frattastic, but why not have some fun. How it works is you take a 64 ounce bottle of juice, and pour the special packet into the bottle. Throw away the lid that came with the bottle and replace it with the air locked one provided in your kit. After about 48 hours you have yourself a nice fermented beverage whose bubbles will tickle your nose. For 10 bucks you get yourself a kit with 6 packets to juice up your next party. Its not the finest beverage from the hills of France's champagne region, but it is a chance to have a little fun with the bar at your next party. The website even has recipies to better use your new concoction. When someone asks you what vineyard and vintage your spirit is, have some fun and make them think you know your wines.

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