Saturday, December 26, 2009

Meet Your Beauty Butler

New Year, new you. You have heard this phrase a million times. However, this time you are really considering a transformation, but you just do not know how to start. Lifebooker is here to get the outside process started. The inside takes a couch, someone with a PhD, and a lot of time and effort. So lets work on the easy stuff first. This site will transform your beauty regimen. It houses your city's exclusive spa and beauty deals for you to take advantage of. Find out where to shape those unruly brows and cut that wig of yours. Come on its almost 2010, and the Rachel is beyond old. Ate too much fruitcake yesterday? Know you are going to polish off a bottle of Champagne next week? They can even find you a detox. Nothing says New Year, New You, as a toxin free body. Just tell the site what you need done, how much you have to spend etc. Then loading on the next page are all the great deals at the best salons. This is a co-ed operation, so spruce up your man too. You can find him everything from that shave he has needed since July 4th, to a day of manscaping. Neatness always counts. So have the booker always ready, its like having your own personal beauty butler to take care of all those pesky needs.
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