Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Independently Chic

I love an independent designer like the rest of them, but I only like never own. I simply cannot afford the price tags associated with the chicness that accompanies a independent designer. I understand that I am paying for the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and quality; however at the end of the day I have an electric bill to pay. Then I found Take Your Clothes Off. Housed on my favorite site Etsy TYCO has simple yet edgy pieces to add to your independent designer collection. The dresses are a perfect balance between structure and draping. I did not know you could have a dress that encompassed both before visiting the Etsy shop. Or check out the Cowl Wing Vest, which is business in the front and total sex in the back. Before you wear this number work on your lat-pulls at the gym. What about a little something for the hipster man in your life? The Shredded Stripes Tee has hipster written all over those strategic distressed stripes. Most items in this shop are $120 and under. They are unique and simple enough for everyday wear. And this is exactly what you will do, is wear TYCO items every day.
Image via Etsy

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