Friday, December 4, 2009

Minky Bling

So the sparkly trees all around remind you how you are missing that personal adornment.  You have been looking for a great piece of jewelry that will add to your Holiday glam.  Wendy Mink is the perfect stop to add that perfect twinkle to your outfit.  She has great pieces that fit your boho lifestyle or that extra wow factor for your New Years celebration.  Her crystal layered necklace will work like a charm and make your Forever 21 dress look like a Fendi.  Additionally her delicate pieces will work seamlessly into your everyday life.  The hoop earring options will punch up your office wear.  Prices are relatively inexpensive to begin with, but starting December 10th in New York City, the Wendy Mink Sample Sale will be taking place.  With prices severely slashed it will be hard to contain oneself, and with the upcoming holidays you may just need to get all your ladies a little trinket  If you cannot get to the Lower East Side, or happen to be a wee bit far from the city limits, there is a sample sale section online.  You will not feel cheated, and there are pages of baubles to fawn over.