Sunday, December 20, 2009

Open Dores

I have a soft-spot for anything having to do with a certain shipping family. I got a good four years out of them. Thats why I am going to head over to Brooklyn and check out the newest bar in town, The Vanderbilt. Anchored down in Prospect Heights, the newest bar is adding history into the mix. Taking a note from the gastropub trend sweeping the streets you can cozy up to a Sixpoint Sweet Action ($6) and a pot of Steamed Bouchot Mussels ($12) while catching up with your college buddies. The warm, homey dark wood interior will help winter nights go by as you hope for the green of spring to emerge. I am writing this during the first snow fall of the season, so I know you can sympathize. Maybe you will try a signiture cocktail ($9) like the King Edward which Tasting Table says is "a strapping, aromatic blend of rye, Cherry Heering and vanilla, with a spritz of Scotch providing smoky depth." This is a place I will make the trek out into the BK for. You can find me there soon waiting at the end of the bar for Cornelius to walk in.

Image via Daily Candy

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Vanderbilt and NY go hand in hand