Friday, November 27, 2009

Go Jane, Go

So you braved the black Friday crowd today, and you failed miserably. You were looking for real deals and steals, but came up empty handed. Now that the holiday season is upon us you are looking for some trendy, on point pieces to spice up your boring outfits. However, you know there is a chance you will not wear some of this stuff into 2010, so why pay a fortune. I do not have the answers for all your wardrobing needs, but I am pretty well versed on the topic of shoes. And I know you know this. So head over to Go Jane, for some fashion forward shoes that look like you pulled them straight off the runway. If you are an avid reader, you know which ones are going to be my favorites. The Balmain look-a-likes, with several options to boot. When prices for a pair of kicks hover around $40, I don't think I even have to decide. There are other great options for frugalista's feet. Did you want to jump on the candy colored heel band-wagon? Go Jane has plenty of options. Stocking up? Chances are you are going to buy $50 worth to get in on that free shipping too. Buyer be wear, there are some great looking shoes on the site, but with prices this low you are going to find some shoes that only have a place at night, on women from the oldest profession. With that being said, sort through those and get to the good stuff, people are going to wonder how you could afford those designer shoes.

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Anonymous said...

Those shoes are great.