Friday, November 6, 2009

Wine and Beer!

You like wine, he likes beer. When you go out you usually have to sacrifice one for the other. What if there was a beer bar within a wine bar. Did you just step into an oasis? Well if you answered Yes you are probably at Bin18 in Miami. This new place is a match made in heaven for those who fight the fight over wine or beer. We know you could go to any bar in town for the run of the mill stuff, but Bin actually has artisan beers and a wine list to ponder over for more than a hot second. As you are savoring your beer, his wine, you can sustain your taste buds with their menu that are perfect for pairing with all their beverages. Celebrating local and fresh, the food is a great price for the value and flavor you will be paying for. This place will tickle your taste buds as you unwind with your favorite adult beverage at the end of the week. Appropriately located in Miami's art district, once you emerge for your experience you will feel enlightened to conquer the world through your creativity.

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