Saturday, November 7, 2009

Knock 'Em Down

What are you doing tonight? Reliving your past? Well if its cheap sure. Well in celebration of Boston Bowl's 50th anniversary everything will cost you a half a dollar. Yup 50 cents, like the rapper. From 11 in the morning until 7 that night each game of bowling you throw will cost a half a Washington. Every soda you throw back, will set you back a Kennedy coin. Want a burger or a slice, same price. I bet you have not seen prices like this since, well never. Take full advantage of a day of bowling, soda, and burger like the good old times. Sometimes a simple afternoon is the best to have. Grab your friends, spend the day, take pictures, act like a kid. But first order of business is to raid Charlie Sheen's closet for the perfect bowling shirt. You want to look like you can throw a strike, even if you have the bumpers up.

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