Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shoe Pop

If you know me I love shoes. I buy them more than I buy groceries. As I write this post I am wearing leopard print pony hair boots, so I would say I have them in every flavor in mood. That is why when I found out about the Bailey's Irish Cream Pop Up Shop down in SoHo I stopped everything and started my investigation. Yes, I said Baily's Irish Cream, but it is to benefit Clothes Off Our Back. Starting tomorrow at 421 West Broadway at 11 in the morning you will have your chance to buy shoes from designers such as Sergio Rossi, Farylrobin, Vanessa Noel, L.A.M.B., Barbara Bui, Claudio Merazzi and many more for only $75 a pop. This sale last until Friday, but I highly suggest staking a place in line well before 11 tomorrow morning. You know how women are with their shoes, and when you add the designer adjective, they go crazy.

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