Thursday, August 27, 2009

Flip for College

So you may be out of college for one year, or for ten years, but man you miss it. What do you miss most? The friends, the forum for free thinking, or the frat parties. Its the frat parties, and more importantly flip cup. You dominated that sport for four years. Well will you still be the champion when you head to Las Vegas this Fall The World's Largest Flip Cup Tournament on October 11th? For a $30 entry fee you can participate you can press your luck at winning a 7-night Jamaican vacation. Hello Spring Break 2010. He or She who wins the Survivor tournament is going on a cruise for 2 to the Grand Caymans thanks to VH1's Best Cruise Ever. This happens to be a floating music festival featuring the likes of Lifehouse, 3 Doors Down, and so much more. Not showing your best game? You could win other prizes from a Vegas vacay package to tables to help with next year's event. For your small registration fee you get access to a 3-hour open beer bar and free playing beer included. Being held at the Hooters Casino Hotel (how appropriate) participants can get discounted rates on rooms starting at around $70. Just tell them you are a "FlipCup" member to get in on the sweet deal. So book your flights to Vegas now, and have no regrets, play like a champion. In your nice room, you can spend the 12th recovering, and not cramming for that O-chem test.

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