Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mix Up Your Threads

So the weekend rolls around, and all you want to put on is a t-shirt and jeans, well shorts since it just got hot in New York. But really stepping out in that ratty white t-shirt with those inevitable pit stains are a fashion no. So head over to Threadless for unique, graphic t-shirts, to punch up your weekend wears. Head over to their website to see which T piques your interest. There are hundreds of interesting styles to choose from. They have texts, with funny sayings to thought provoking images. I am digging the Feathered Fringe; its a great one for summer, and looks like some fancy designer sent it down their runway. Most t-shirts are around $20, but guess what: Threadless is having a sale. Until August 17th, all shirts are on sale, starting at just 8 bucks. Enter code "awesome27945" before the 13th and save an additional $3. Shirts for 5 dollars? I don't even think Hannes costs that much.
You do not see anything you like? Is that really possible? Probably not, but wait until next Monday. New additions debut at the weeks beginning. Still nothing? Then submit your own design. Threadless thrives off of the design ideas of the common folk. So this is your chance to have your art work live and breath on the chests of everyone. Oh and as incentive, if your T-shirt gets printed, you walk away with $500. Imagine that, you could then spend it on 100 t-shirts during this sale.


Kristin said...

They do have some sweet tees!

shirts4freedom said...

some cool shirts are at www.mad-shirts.com

Thomas said...

The Coupon from Boston Market was great My son and I each had a meal and the total bill was Less than $8.00 Great deal

Stephanie said...

You can find the coupon here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/Living-the-LifeOn-a-Budget/104597768959?ref=ts

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