Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vietnamese Footlongs

So it seems the Vietnamese sandwiches called Banh Mi are all the rage. They have recently made an appearance on the Food Network's The Best Thing I Have Ever Ate and a nice street meat write up in Urban Daddy. Everywhere I turn I can get this nosh. From coast to coast you can get this lunch delight for a small price. Although not the healthiest, whats wrong with a treat from time to time. You need to change up that boring lunch during the week. What makes it even better, this rather large and filling sandwiches rarely tips the scales over five dollars.
Whats a Banh Mi you ask? Well better than your traditional 5-dollar foot long, it is a french style baguette with traditional Vietnamese flavors usually in a pork form from a meatball to a bar-b-qued fashion. You can often find other options from ham to grilled chicken (for the healthy set). Then on top of the main protein is usually liver pate, mayo, soy sauce, shredded pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, jalapenos and cucumbers. No worries, if you cannot stand the heat of jalapenos or will not try daikon. Since most of these sandwiches are fresh and made to order, tell them you do not want the pate.
I tried the Banh Mi on a whim with a friend from the suggestion from her foodie boyfriend. She convinced me to try, and boy I did not regret it. We went to a location in Chinatown (ironic, I know) for this bready delight. As we went our separate ways, I brought mine home for a late lunch. Getting through one third I was fully convinced (and convinced I was full) that this was a hidden inexpensive gem in this city. After burning some off at the gym, I began to hear about this from every corner of the universe. They are popping up everywhere, so go find out the location nearest you. As we all convert from one foot long to this one, we may only be only taking the Subway from now on.

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