Friday, August 14, 2009

Yard Work

So it is summer, and you do not really know what you want to do this weekend. You laid by the pool too many weeks in a row, and you are making your dermatologist concerned. Well, I think you should partake in one of the great American summer pastimes, and hit up your local yard sales. Where to look? Drive around town wasting gas and money hoping you stumble upon a treasure trove of goodies. Who are you fooling? Head over to Yard Sale Treasure Map, which does the dirty work for you. Type in your zip code, and up pops a map with all the listed yard sales, tag sales, exchanges happening in a designated area from your home base. Map out your day and see what you can find in your neighborhood. Now you can spend your day actually living the good life, instead of looking for the goods. Now go find that hidden treasure. Mine was a Dior sweater, that I snagged for a buck. Yes, cheaper than a pack of gum.

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