Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mojito Mondays! Terrible Tuesday?

So you are already planning your weekend, but what happens when it is over? Are you going to have a manic Monday? Well if that is the case you should probably head over to Calle Ocho on NYC's Upper West Side for Mojito Mondays. You need something to help unwind. For just $5 you can order any of Calle Ocho's special mojitos and daquiries. On any normal night these fresh libations will run you 10 to 12 dollars. This special lasts all night long and is honored at both the bar and main dining area. I have participated in Mojitio Mondays twice and both times did not disapoint. I returned, duh. If you stay in the bar area, the chef may just suprise you with their delicious tapas. Head to the spacious dining room and enjoy your drinks with the fabulous food Calle Ocho's kitchen sends out. If you are lucky they may still have their restuarant week menu as a affordable, beyond delicious option. Just be careful, you do not want to over indulge in those yummy drinks. They do taste like candy. As my fellow mojitoite said, Mojito Mondays=Terrible Tuesday.

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