Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eat Like You Want To

So you are sick of going from restaurant to restaurant spending about $2o on a meal that leaves you far from satisfied. You just wish you had the coin to eat at the best and trendiest places in the city. Well its that time of year again, when us, the plebeians can eat like kings. Until July 31st it is Restaurant Week in New York Cit'y; the time where you can try all the places you wish you could afford any time of year. Choose from a list of restaurants around the city for lunch or dinner and enjoy a three course meal you will talk about for days. At lunch you pay only $24.07 and dinner is $35. You have a few choices to get a taste of what these great places offer on a regular basis. Check out the selection, you can get your fill from the classic at Carnegie Deli or the new and trendy DBGB. Before heading out check the official site to make sure the restaurant features that meal as part of the event. Some only serve lunch while others serve dinner only, but most offer both. Many have their menus listed on the official site to help you narrow down your decision. Think you are going to take full advantage of this deal and have an Amex card? Register it through the official website and you are ellidgible to receive $15 in credit if you dine at 3 participating restaurants. Now to make this cruicial decision maybe harder for me than what shoes to wear, and those only go on my feet.

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