Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Want That, Need This

So if you claim to be the fashionista that you say you are you would die for anything by Balmain. But when most of their items cost more than a months rent you only aspire to owning those ripped jeans. When you win the lottery (whichever one you are playing) then you will buy a band jacket that would have made MJ jealous. However what really threw me over the edge were those shoes. If you know Balmain, you know those shoes, so I am not explaining anymore. At $2200 I was willing to sell a kidney, and search every corner of the fashion world for them. Then I came to my fashion senses.
Bored one day about a month back I was on Steve Madden's website, trying to find a good deal for shoes I didn't need. Then it happened, my jaw dropped to the floor, and I needed help picking it up. Steve Madden had concocted up a version of "The Shoe" that was much more in my price range. I didn't want to lay my money out and preorder them because the picture online made them look like a less expensive copy that was not exactly worth it. I know I was not going to get the same rich feel, but I wanted something as close as possible. Then yesterday on a whim, I stepped into the Steve Madden and tried the Brigght on. At only $130, these are a fantastic deal to get the Balmain look. In person they did not look as cheap as I expected from the website, but I still was not convinced. But once I zipped the ankle strap up, my feet were elevated to a new status. My feet looked HOT. That is all I could say. Without a thought, I bought them. I could not even risk them being snatched up by a slower fashionista. How dare she get those shoes I have been lusting after for months.

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The Thrifty Stylist said...

haha... i guess i don't consider myself a fashionista because i don't care about brand names (and in fact, the more expensive the less i like it), but those steve madden ones are pretty hot indeed!