Sunday, July 5, 2009

Current Vintage

So you spend your time in the vintage shops of the East Village, or scouring the racks at the Good Will to find that one vintage piece to set you apart. You head to the dressing room, to put on that dress that is going to be your hit item of the season. So you look in the mirror and your excitement boils down to pure disappointment. That hot dress, makes you look like an amish in floral. Looking through all those racks can be tiring. Or you could spend all your time at the tailor making your cheap finds current. That $5 dress is going to end up costing $30 with all the alterations. And then you have to wait for the tailor to finish the garment. Why not check out Fabulous Fashion Finds on my favorite website Etsy. This Etsy boutique does all the hard work for you, so you can get those great vintage finds that look like you just bought them from the hippest store in town. Most of the vintage pieces at this Etsy shop, are reworked vintage pieces. The owner will take a boring, matronly dress and take it up a notch, by shortening and adding modern, current detail. I am sure the Floral Bubble Lover, was once mid-calf length, with a high-cut neckline, and much longer sleeves, but now, its got a cute cap sleeve, a bubble hem line, and a much lower-cut neck line. Wear this number out next weekend, and your friends are going to ask if you got it at the Top Shop sale I told you about earlier. Most of her pieces are under $50, so your new one of a kind look won't set you back. With my eternal love for vintage, I am going to stalk this Etsy shop, for when a dress is listed in my size.

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Anonymous said...

I love it. Its like the Urban Outfitters concept, but this stuff looks cool, and won't be on a bunch of high schoolers