Monday, July 13, 2009

He Looks Good In That Shirt!

So the man (well really boy) in your life is looking a little shabby these days. Honestly his t-shirts has more holes than a good block of swiss cheese. And not to mention those jeans! Hello, painter's pants are reserved for painters. So head over to Self Edge Denim before the months end to get your man dressed appropriately for this century. Located at 714 Valencia St, at the corner of 18th Street in San Fran, you can style you and your compadres in the latest in luxury denim. Want the experience, but are nowhere near a cable car stop? Don't worry, they sell their goods online for all to enjoy.
Help your guy pick out a pair of Dry Bones jeans, the fabulous Japanese Denim line, that can only be found in a handful of places this far west. Once you have got the bottoms covered, help complete the look with a t-shirt or other top to make him look like he knows how to dress. Great news, Urban Daddy is helping you out. Mention them when you are in the store, and you can receive a free t-shirt or 40% off another top. Start with one outfit, and your boy will mature into a well-dressed gentleman.

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