Sunday, July 5, 2009

Did I Just Eat That?

So your bikini body this summer is banging, but keeping it up is just as hard as getting to that point. Or are you still struggling with shedding the last 10 pounds? At this point I bet you wish you had a personal nutritionist to follow you around to make your healthy eating decisions. Well since we aren't Madonna and can't afford to have our trainer follow our every move, My Fitness Pal is the next best option. Set up your free membership at the website to gain access to all the tools you need to help shed some of those pounds. At the core, your new Pal will help track all the foods you eat to help you recognize what your food culprits really are. Providing the right tools to make your food log, My Fitness Pal will help you see results on the scale. This will no longer be a tedious task, but one you will soon realize will help you in the long run. Its so easy that you are more likely to return to the site. The more you log, the more the site remembers you. Do you eat grilled chicken more often then you brush your teeth? The site will remember that. There are over 200,000 food options for you to choose from. You ate it, they will probably have it listed to add to your log. So maybe you have had too many cheeseburger and fries days in a row, this site will help you realize that a change needs to be made. This will teach you, that you can have a cheeseburger and fries once a week, not once a day.

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