Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Leave the Brown Bag at Home Part 2

Check out the link above. Read what a great deal it was. Become sad when you realize the deal ended months ago. Now read below:

So Food Exchange has reintroduced their program when you order online you save 25%. Only valid on online orders, enter code "25off" to reap some serious savings. You can have it delivered if you are super busy or go and pick it up because you need some fresh air. According to the flier they passed out to me there are 10 reasons why this is a good deal and I whole heartily agree:

1) Avoid crowds and lines

2) Save money (DUH!)

3) Save paper

4) Nutrition info online so you can make the correct, healthy decision

5) Free delivery

6) Get it your way; no mayo, no problem

7) Pick up when you have a free moment

8) Fresh food delivered

9) Create a wish list of favorites for easy fast ordering next time

10) Easy to navigate

This great deal lasts until the end of the month. So tell your coworkers and get some good chow for your money.

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