Monday, July 6, 2009

Doodle While You Drink

I went to my fair share of Hi-lighter parties in college, but never could really appreciate my artwork unless I was under a black light. I am a want to be struggling artist at heart, and when I found out about Doodle Bar in London, I was about to book my flight for this Friday's party, End of Week's Doodles. My London friends and followers should mark their calendar for this Friday, and upcoming Friday's to head down to 33 Parkgate Road, SW11 4NP. When you step into this place, get ready to embrace your inner Monet and doodle on the walls, tables, waiters, fellow patrons. If it is there, you can doodle on it. Together with other doodlers you will create a unique piece of artwork and share an experience that is different to the standard bars. Interested in a more serious drawing experience? On Tuesday's the Bar holds drawing classes for you to perfect your figures. At only 10 pounds a session, you are on your way to getting your work on the walls of the Tate Modern. Charcoal and paper are available for a small price, or bring your own materials that inspire you. Head to the Doodle Bar, and let your mind wander, your teacher is not there to yell at you.

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