Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tickle The Ivories

So my time at piano bars in the past have been a little bit more wild, and had more fight in them. Big Bang do you miss me? But now that I am mature, I am ready for an evening out, that I do not regret the morning after. If I were over on the left coast I would hit up Angel's in Santa Monica. Brought to you by Temple Bar Concepts, this is their latest, newest, most novel venture to bring hip places to LA residents. Finding influence in decades past Angel is a nostalgic, dim Piano Bar and Supper Club for you to unwind at. Step back in time to the 30s and 40s where you will find absinthe decanters, vintage spirit recipies, tunes from yesteryear, and plush seating. You get some old, and some new--like the gourmet, tapas style menu accompanied by premium wines and other beverages. While you are transporting back to a better era, you may even get to listen to contemporary artists that you have actually heard of. This place is both great for the single set (i.e. me) and those romantically involved (i.e. someone I am jealous of). Sit at the bar and mingle with those who are looking for a change in the traditional bar scene. Reserve a cozy booth for you and your significant other and forget you are at a piano bar. Take a break from your usual "going out" routine and introduce some change. You will thank me later that you are throwing back to a better time.

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