Saturday, July 18, 2009

Aspire to Food Bliss

You watch the food network religiously or you whip creations that should be featured on the pages of Food and Wine. Well really you just want to eat it. In Philadelphia, you have the opportunity to taste the delights of aspiring chefs through ChefAMe. Every Monday, grab your friends for the best way to start off the week. Local aspiring chefs will cook for you in local restaurants to showcase their talents people haven't had the opportunity to yet discover. Working in a "real" kitchen diners will get to see what their true potential is. Prices vary, but lets jut say they are reasonable. ChefAMe's first event charged $25 for a 3-course meal with free drinks (alcoholic drinks, not soda and water). Hello, where can you get that deal when it is not restaurant week? The next event is July 27th, Ava Restaurant located at 518 S. 3rd St. At $35 a head you are going to leave full from the culinary delights from Tom Crowe and Sarah Feidt. Tom is used to writing about what he consumes, not what he is going to feed the mass, while Sarah is an artist ready for this challenge. Want to be part of this event? Head to ChefAMe's website and buy a ticket for the best Monday dinner you have had in a while.
So you are on the other side of the cooking coin, and want to show off your talents? This is a little bit more difficult than just pulling up your chair to eat. They have 5 requirements; first is you must love and cherish the food you prep, serve, and eat. You must be confident in your abilities to cook. Third, your food must be the 3 D's: delicious, delectable, and devilish. Obviously you need to contact the organizers. They are not going to contact you; they do not even know you exist yet. And last but not least get ready for the praise, and don't let it get to your head. Too much for you to handle? Just get your ticket like the rest of us, and be happy to eat a good meal.

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yum!!!! i want to go!