Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's Everyone's Dream Place

So I just moved as you know from some of my recent posts, but check this out, I could have had the opportunity to live in the lap of luxury for what us New Yorkers would call pennies. Daffy's a New York institution which is similar, but a tad better than Marshall's is having a contest. Enter for a chance to win a West Village apartment for only $700 a month. Skeptical still? Well check this, it isn't a dinky studio, which faces a brick wall and gets no natural light. It is actually a fully furnished 2 bedroom 2 bathroom 1300 sq ft apartment heaven. It has floor to ceiling windows, say hello to New York sunshine. Hardwood floors for you to practice your tap routine, or just a break from linoleum. You can spend your quarters on the office vending machine, because this place has a washer and dryer. How do you enter you ask? Head to your local Daffy's and record a video why you deserve this place. I could always just sublet the new place if I win this pad.

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