Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Frustrated Decorator Gets Paid

You have just moved into your new apartment, home, RV, and want to decorated it for the pages of Domino Magazine. I know you plan on going to HomeGoods at my recent suggestion. However, you have no idea where to start. Why not head over to The Style Scoope on HomeGood's site. This is an invaluable tool to find out exactly how you should decorate your new place. This 10 question quiz will help you decide what to do with your new blank canvas. Additonally, it will help you to incorporate trends into your new decor. I am an Elegant classic who has a refinded sensibility that appreciates history and traditon when it comes to my furniature. I value beauty, such as hand crafted items or family heirlooms. As the quiz predictied I appreciate comfort, and have an open environment to welcome guests in. To make this worth your while, once you take the quiz, your are entered into a $5,000 shopping spree or a daily HomeGoods giveaway. With $5,000 to spend at HomeGoods, I hope you have a mansion to decorate. Now go find out how your home should be decorated.

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