Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wearable Recyclables

A good bag makes your outfit. Thats because it can hold everything you need to go about your daily life. Hello you need a place for your heels before you get to dinner. Flats are so much easier to walk in. For Fall '09, thats why you need an Erin Templeton bag for the season. All of her leather bags are made with recycled leather, so no two bags are exactly the same. Erin hand picks, conditions, cuts, and sews these great carryalls. Recycling is great, one less leather fringe jacket collecting dust in a thrift shop; however what drives the cows home is the price. These bags retail from $150 to $250.
If you know me, bigger is better, so I love the Palooka. This bag looks like it could fit my life, and my boots. It comes in multiple sizes and can be worn various ways. As you know, I love to get more for my hard earned money. Need a bag for nighttime, so your hands can be free for your drink in one hand and boy in the other? Check out the Hobo, this great messenger style is perfect for that opportunity. Check out Erin's website to find out where you can get her bags. An Etsy shop is in the works. I will be the first one to get a bag once that shop opens.

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