Thursday, August 6, 2009

If It's Good Enough For MObama, It's Good Enough For Me

So you admire everything Michelle Obama wears but every time you go to J. Crew they are sold out of the latest sweater set. To be honest do you really wear sweater sets in your daily life? I didn't think so. However when you saw her wearing that charm bracelet with all the states on the campaign trail, you knew you had to get it. But no gossip mag or hard hitting news channel told you where to get it. Well I am here with breaking news: MObama was wearing a State Map Charm Bracelet from M&B Vintage.

Now here is how to get your hands around it at a good price, through this EXCLUSIVE deal to Living the Life readers only. Enjoy 30% off any M&B Vintage item for the month of August. You can get your charm on by contacting the company directly through their website (don't worry e-commerce is coming this winter). All you have to do is mention the exclusive Living the Life deal when contacting the company. Or if you happen to be in Nantucket from August 14th to the 16th M&B is having a trunk show at Eye of the Needle. Here you will get to see their wide array of vintage charms and other great products. As an added bonus for getting a killer deal, you will be entered to win a $100 gift certificate on your future M&B purchase. Trust me, you will be going back for yourself, friends and family. There is a reason Oprah's decorator Nate Berkus frequents M&B Vintage for his go-to gift for the women in his life.

So what do they offer you ask? Well, a lot. Customers tend to visit the M&B website for inspiration for their unique piece. The vintage pieces are "one-of-a-FIND", so they work directly with customers (i.e. you), sharing their current collection via digital photos. So you have this grandiose idea for a stellar charm bracelet that you want to come to life. Tell M&B exactly what you are looking for and they will get back to you with a catalog of charms that fit your bill. M&B will work with you tirelessly until you find exactly what you want. As for the Souvenir collection, customers simply place an order through the site with what they would like on their pendants. Take a look at the various items in both collections for inspiration on the website. M&B accepts all major credit cards as well as personal checks. And guess what, before the discount, M&B's prices are so affordable. Starting at $20 for sterling vintage charms; gold ranges from $100 - $500. Souvenir pieces start at $55. Remember if you are not in Nantucket, contact M&B through their website and they are there to make a one of a kind piece that is for you to cherish forever. Now go charm yourself with a M&B Vintage piece.


The Thrifty Stylist said...

charm bracelets are one of my absolute favorite things. i long to start a collection myself. my fiance's grandmother now has a charm NECKLACE due to her long life collecting them. i want that :D thanks for the share!

Stephanie said...

I am glad I could. I def suggest you take advantage of this deal. Its a significant saving, and exclusive to my loyal readers only!