Saturday, August 8, 2009

Slim In Style

So from all that eating you have been doing thanks to restaurant week, and other various blog posts you feel like a blob of lard. Time to head to the gym. But you have no cute getup for the elliptical, and paying full price for clothes to sweat in are not your idea of spending your money wisely. Well head over Athleta, Gap's new athletic division for their end of summer sale. You can save up to 70% off athletic gear on this website. Save on everything from yoga pants to flip flops. They even have some winter wear items, such as hats on sale. Why not get them for a deal before winter is creeping down your back (ICK!). Have a last minute summer vacation planned? Athleta has swimwear for you to purchase as well. No ratty bathing suits allowed on the beach this summer ladies. What better way to find motivation than a cute new outfit at the gym. Remember ladies if you are at yoga, its not a competition to who looks cutest, but who can wrap her leg around her waist 3 times.

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