Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Giveaway happening over on Examiner

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mas Tacos Por Favor!

I usually come up with a witty title for a blog post, but the place I am about to tell you about it the nail on the head.  Mas Tacos Por Favor is exactly what you will be saying once you finish your meal.  During finals week, I headed over the river and through the hood to East Nashville with a girlfriend of mine.  She happens to be from SoCal, so she knows a thing or two about authentic, delicious Mexican food.  She was fed up with what Nashvillians will accept as “Mexican” and I had heard rave reviews of this place.  In order to fuel up to finish our tech workshop we waiting on line for a good 20 minutes in what can only be described as a well maintained shack.  Thanks to Scoutmob we got one taco for free as an added bonus which was the initial draw.  You order from the counter which has the days menu written around it.  As we were waiting more and more items were being crossed off the board.  I was told the fried avocado tacos and the tortilla soup was out of this world. Well apparently they avocado tacos are not offered during “brunch” but the tortilla soup was unlike any soup I have ever had.  It is not your traditional tortilla soup.  It has a clear broth with wonderful fresh ingredients from chicken to avocado and of course tortilla strips.  But the flavors blend so well together but are still very distinct.  I am getting all Top Chef on y’all but what I should be saying is get the soup when you go.  This hearty winter soup packed a small price tag of only $5.  My soup was followed by fresh, local tacos that only rang up for $3 each (minus the free one).  The combinations are eclectic but not wired and there is an option for everyone.  It changes variety, but I had a breakfast and a fish taco and both were a pow of flavor.  Mas Tacos also has a food truck, so you can follow them around if you are not near East Nasty, but trust me it is worth the drive, the wait for these tacos.  I sure will be back.  Soon!