Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Do you hate scouring the internet to see what the deals are out there? This is where Luxe Club One come into play. It does the dirty work for you. It finds the deals on various shopping sites and lists the offers for you to easily ready. You can scan the left hand column to see if your favorite store is slashing prices. To the right of the icon is the detailed description of what the offer is. Scan those and see if it is actually worth your effort. When you click into the icon, they take you directly to the retailer’s site. They feature new sites daily depending on who wants to lure customers in with more discounts. Don’t see anything today? Sign up for their emails and you will know when to pounce on that sweater on Shop Bop that has been slashed by 70%. This is a great resource to have in these tough economic times because you can indulge without spending as much as you once would. Keep this one in your back pocket of those tattered jeans, because soon enough you are going to need a pair of brand new ones.

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