Friday, March 9, 2012

Get Paid to Spend Money

You know I love to shop.  The majority of my check ins on foursquare are in retail locations, but no one is paying me to set foot in there.  What if they were?  Well we would have a major problem and my spacious closet would be far from it.  However, there are some incentives to get shopping on the interwebs.  Ebates is helping line our pockets for that online shopping addiction.  What is Ebates and how can you get your fix you ask?  Well, Ebates is a free (yes! no  obligation) site where they have partnered with hundreds of stores on the internet to give loyal customers a cash back bonus for the shopping they are already doing.  Stores from the Gap to Groupon give customers a cash back.  Cash back is based on the percentage spent and the deal being offered.  Some stores offer just 1% where others reach upwards of 10%.  The average I have seen is 3-5%.  It may not seem like a lot but think about all that shopping you do.  Ahhhhh its a lot and trust me it adds up.  If you are going to hit the web for a little bit of a shopping spree you need to first log onto Ebates and find the store you are looking to drop some benjamins at.  Click on the link and Ebates notes you are shopping there.  If you hit check out Ebates will shortly notify you that you should expect a cash back.  Ebates pays out 4 times a year and they will deposit the money into your paypal account or send you a check.  Feeling generous, you can dontate it to charity too.  Book mark the site as a favorite so you do not forget it when the urge to splurge strikes.  Now go shop and watch the rewards roll in. 


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Kaolee said...

I love ebates!!!

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