Sunday, October 12, 2014

Boxed and ready to go

Less is more and then more is less. Sometimes you can spend less to get more. However, you often need to be a member. Well, a member of a warehouse club to get the exclusive on bulk items. Some of those memberships can cost a small fortune and you still have to find a way to schlep it all home. However, our small cars, or New York City problems have been answered with Boxed. Boxed is an online bulk retailer. Just like the giant warehouses there are major savings, but you can shop in the comfort of your own home. Boxed has all the products you need on hand from cleaning supplies to shampoo and other beauty necessities. By buying in bulk you are able to save money. You can get 5 EOS Lip balms for under $12. That is 20% off for each one if you buy them individually. If you do not need five lip balms, split them with friends. Everyone loves a deal and a good lip balm. When you fill up your cart, your deals ship to you for free. There is no need to figure out how exactly you are going to pack everything into your car. Waiting time for your Coconut Waters to arrive is minimal. There is less of a temptation to buy every sample you try which ultimately saves you money. Just admit it you bought the Channa Masala after trying it, yet it sits unopened in your pantry. Since membership is free sign up and enter the invitation code WN2IV to receive a $20 discount on your first order. That’s enough to cover the Dove Beauty Bars which will keep your skin looking eternally young.

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