Friday, January 9, 2009

To(e) Fun

If you didn’t have a shoe fetish before Sex and the City, I am sure you have one now. However it is hard to keep your closet stocked with Manalos and Louboutains while also eating three balanced meals. So us thrifty girls who need to keep our toes fabulous and our bellies full look to Kathryn Amberleigh for help. She has great classic shoes with a funky twist. The colors are vibrant and rich. Her collection is a fabulous way to enhance your current wardrobe and spice up your clothes you have bored with all season. The shoes are made with premium materials, but don’t carry the same price tag. Most of the pumps are under $150.

There are styles for everyone. The prepster in all of us will fall in love with the “Clara.” With a classic bow at the toe, they will look great with a neat navy blazer, and your pearls. There is no place like home when you slip into the “Lime-Light” pair. Playing rock-band at home? How about an Angelika for your feet? Every inner rock star needs these shoes to complete her skinny jeans and leather jacket. When I go to replace my ravaged black pumps, I am going to pick up the “Shorty.” The art-deco heel is so current right now, and spices up a basic pair of shoes. I am going to be purchasing a pair; however the real question is which ones. Since there is a little bit of each type of girl in me, it is going to be hard limiting myself

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