Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sneaker(ly) Creative

Did you happen to get the most boring, plainest sneakers for Christmas? Can’t return them because Aunt Sharon always nags you because you have NEVER liked on of her gifts. Now you can satisfy your inner creative side and shut Aunt Sharon up this year. Check out SneakArt to jazz up your boring pair of kicks. This site lets you customize your sneakers for a fraction of the cost of some other sites and you can get your results with-in minutes. Those other sites make you wait weeks as they stitch together your “custom” sneakers. Are they even custom? I thought I saw my leopard print and skull converse sneakers on the girl across the street.
SneakArt offers stickers for you to adorn your sneakers. Their product is easy to use and takes minutes to complete. The unique stickers are weather proof and can withstand the elements. Bored with your current artistic expression? The stickers can be peeled off for you to start fresh. Give it a try to see how you can express your feelings through your feet

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