Thursday, March 19, 2009

Big Easy on the Wallet

After my trip to New Orleans a few weeks ago, I still have the taste of dinner at Boucherie on my lips. My friend who I was visiting had heard great things about this place. He heard the food was on par with some of NYC’s best restaurants, but had the price tag of Chili’s. Fresh off the plane from New York, I needed to enjoy this meal on the time-honored porch in the night’s spring air. The inside of this traditional New Orleans home has plenty of tables to seat you at.

Our adorable waitress greeted us and uncorked the bottle of wine we brought; the night was off to a good start. Sipping the red wine we studied the menu having a hard time deciding what to order. There were too many options for us to pick. For appetizers we settled on traditional dishes from New Orleans. We had the Blackened Shrimp and Grit Cake with Warm House Made Fudge Farms Bacon Vinaigrette ($8) and Boudin Balls with a Garlic Aioli ($5). This was my first experience with Boudin and wasn’t my last of the trip. The first explosion of flavor was with the appetizers, but did not end until the check was paid. Then for our second course I ordered Smoked Black Angus Beef Brisket with Garlicky Parmesan Fries ($13). The brisket I am used to from back home is of a different origin, which my mother cooks to perfection, but this dish was an intense experience. The fries had the right amount of garlic; not too much that I needed to inhale altoids. Anticipating dessert I left a bit over, which my friend swooped in to clean my plate. He started his entrĂ©e with Pulled Pork Cake with Potato Confit and Purple Cabbage Cole Slaw ($12) which was far better than our other pulled pork experiences. The crisp slaw was the perfect compliment to the pork. For both dishes the meat was tender, while melting in your mouth. To cap the evening off we finished with House Made Fudge Farms Bacon Brownie ($5) and Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding ($5). Not the biggest donut coinsure I was skeptical about this dish, but it was the perfect desert. It tasted like warm French toast with maple syrup. While the brownie’s concept was interesting, the bacon added the perfect amount of smoke to the chocolate flavor to set it apart from the Betty Crocker mix you make at home.

This dining experience is one that I will remember for a while. The food was absolutely incredible and ridiculously affordable. My 3-course meal was under $30 with tip. I have no idea where else you could have gotten such a great meal for such a low price. The presentation was beautiful, the staff was incredibly friendly and the food was out of this world. So next time you are in New Orleans, put your drink down and pull yourself away from Bourbon St and head to this uptown restaurant for a memorable meal.

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